Thinking of traveling to Portugal? Are you planning a 7-day visit? We want to share with you a plan so that you can get to know Lisbon in your day-to-day life, and don’t forget to visit every corner full of magic and adventure.


Meet Portugal: a 7-day itinerary!

We will offer you this tourist guide so that you can organize your visit to Portugal independently, or as a family, and it’s fascinating cities in just 7 days. In Portugal, you will for sure enjoy an atmosphere full of romance and capable of magnetizing any tourist.

I invite you to discover Lisbon and its spaces full of tranquility and charm. Get to know it!

The first day, start your day with delight in Lisbon!

Upon your arrival in Lisbon, take it easy and start your day with a cup of coffee on the terraces of Praça Rossio in Baixa. Follow your journey through the pedestrian street Rua Augusta to observe and delight yourself with the look at different stores distributed in the vicinity.

Near that place is Praça do Comércio, a beautiful, elegant, and classic place suitable for strolling in the surroundings. If you wish, have an aperitif and continue your route to the Castle of São Jorge, which is located at the top of the mountain.

At this point, you will have a beautiful view of the unique and attractive sunsets in Lisbon. Once you leave the Castle, you go to Alfama, a neighborhood made up of a conglomeration of houses in the hills between narrow streets, spectacular!

To end your visit, sit down to enjoy a dinner in the comfortable and accessible restaurants located in the area.

Second day

Once you have settled in and feel a bit adapted, you can head to Belém, a neighborhood located a few kilometers from the central town. In addition, you can taste a coffee and pastel de nata in a local bakery located on the perimeter of the area.

Go your way and visit the monuments that distinguish and characterize the place, in terms of history and discoveries that left a mark on the site.

In neighboring territories is the Tagus River or Rio Tejo, as we say in Portuguese. Here you will find the majestic Tower of Belém, where you will observe the wonderful and clear blue sky. From there, you can see a wall with artistic figures of protagonists of the History of Portugal.

A few steps from Belém is the Jerónimos Monastery, a world heritage site declared by UNESCO, considered antiquity that stands out the valuable work of King Don Manuel I.

At the end of your tour, board on Tram 28, and visit the neighborhoods on the surroundings of Lisbon. There, you can enjoy the nightlife, since there are bars and life is quite lively and cheerful at night.

The third day, midweek!

On the third day, walk through Bairro Alto. Enjoy and discover every corner full of charm and unique beauty. Then take a ride on Elevador da Bica and Santa Gloria, to appreciate the view of Baixa. From Miradouro São Pedro de Alcantara you can see the popular and commercial neighborhood of almost whole Lisbon downtown.

In the afternoon, change the tour by visiting Parque das Nações, a modern site inspired by maritime and marine themes. This place is connected with contemporary buildings such as Theaters or the Lisbon Oceanarium, famous for the more than 15,000 marine species protected within the aquarium.

Also, you will have the possibility to take a bike ride or appreciate the view in the Marina Parque das Nações, where boats or Homeboats are located, ideal to stay for a period, enjoying the fresh air.

Fourth day

When leaving Lisbon, you will find yourself near the National Palace of Queluz, a splendid place for its pink facades that gives it a style of elegance and glamor.

The structure has a royal style with a Tile Room that connects you with the splendid past of Portugal and the King’s Chamber where you will see scenes from Don Quixote.

In addition, the Palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens ideal to connect with nature and have a good time.

After finishing the tour in Queluz, we suggest you take a ride to Sintra, a city located in a mountain covered with pine trees, exotic palaces, opulent mansions, and ruins, that keep historical memories of people from Lisbon.

Despite the sloping streets of Sintra, you want to see more and more! To appreciate palaces, gardens, castles, and forests that will amaze you. 

As you walk through Sintra, you will spot Palácio da Pena, known as the Disney Palace for many tourists, who are enchanted by its colors and lush gardens that give it warmth and beauty.

I recommend you make a stop until you wait for the sunset to surround yourself with magic. Then, head downtown to fill yourself with the charm of the alleys that surround the site and if you like, have dinner.

Fifth day, your trip is almost over!

Continue your tour of the wonders of Sintra and continue with a visit to Quinta da Regaleira, an architectural place built by Luigi Manini that is distinguished by having a greenhouse, a chapel, and an initiation well for Masons.

Follow the walk through the National Palace of Sintra declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, given its peculiarities in the distribution of different rooms of Swans and two Brasões, together with 2 conical chimneys that give it distinction and glamor.

If you have time left, visit the Castelo Dos Mouros, which is characterized by a perimeter of 450 meters and an area of 12,000 m² with a panoramic view of the Atlantic. 

In addition, you will have a view of 5 towers that line the walls, 4 rectangular and 1 circular.

Sixth day

It is time to sunbathe and take a tour of the beaches that border Portugal, take your hat and sunscreen, and get ready to get tanned! Take the opportunity to enjoy the cold ocean waters that surround Portugal and immerse yourself in maritime waters.

Both Cascais and Estoril are popular sites for the coastal edge in which they are located. In Cascais you will have access to the historic center with colonial structures and 3 magnificent beaches, very popular due to the crystal clear waters that wonder visitors.

If you want to move to Estoril just 20 minutes away, you will be at its popular beach known as Praia de Tamariz where you will have the possibility to eat an exquisite dish and even stay in hotels near the coast.

You have the option of visiting Sesimbra, a fishing village that has a Castle with a splendid view of Cabo Espichel, Albufeira Lagoon, and Porto de Abrigo.

The Seventh day, just a few hours left to finish your week!

Since your week is about to end, we thought you might want to head back to the Capital, where you can shop for some nice souvenirs for the beloved ones. Rua Augusta and it’s neighboring streets, such as Rua Garrett, are ideal for that, you will for sure find affordable prices.

Alternatively, you can visit Cristo Rei inspired by the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. Also, some other options would be to discover the interesting and outstanding museums in the area such as the Museum of Fado,  Museum of the Tiles (Azulejos), the Maritime Museum, and the Lisboa Story Center.


Where to stay in Lisbon?

If you plan to go on a trip to Portugal, having a place to stay is one of the most important things. We suggest you stay in the picturesque neighborhoods located in the central area, where you can find some luxurious places for a higher price or a more comfortable place for a lower price.

Despite the various offers, their access is limited, since temporary visits are increasing year after year in Portugal. Therefore, you must have a series of options to guarantee your safe and comfortable accommodation.

It is therefore important to plan the visit in advance and determine where to book your accommodation. And for how long do you stay? What place is closer to the areas that I am going to visit? This way, you will be able to decide what is most convenient and you won’t get caught by surprise to arrival in Lisbon without accommodation.

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Where can I book a Homeboat?

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