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Do you suffer Nomophobia, Fomo, Jomo or Foji?

For some people, and this might includes you, these words are totally unknown, but even so, they are probably present in your life. You are hardly going to be a personal profile that does not fit into any of these cases. Anyone has passed or goes through any of these...

Do you need a digital detox? Take our test!

In a time when we see the importance of technology and how it affects our lives positively, it is also very important to have the ability to disconnect. Are you digital and tech intoxicated? We created this post to help discover if your mind needs a break. Check it...

Many short trips or one long vacation. What’s your choice?

If you have not heard of mini travel, you better get ready, because it's the new trend. On weekends and holidays, these getaways are increasing popularity among current travelers seeking to recharge their energies. A few years ago taking 15 days or even 1 month of...


The Homeboat Company is a young and innovative company that provides value-added experiences in lodging and investment alternatives.

We are transforming the concept of tourism and lodging with an innovative, profitable and responsible proposal with the environment and people.

Have you ever dreamed of staying or even owning a boat in the Mediterranean? If the answer is yes, we can help you!


Contribute to the environment and well-being of people, providing life experiences over water.

Through our Homeboat Villages – spread on different marinas in the Mediterranean – we seek to lead people towards nature, promoting a different lifestyle and lodging experience.


Offering a relaxed space to experience contact with nature through a new sustainable housing option over water, providing a new alternative for tourism over urban development.

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