Frequently due to our busy daily routine, we don’t have time to do what we would like to. And most of the time we are also looking forward to starting a new adventure… like a trip, a cultural activity, a new sport, and so on.

This is the ideal opportunity to enjoy an incredible vacation or a relaxing trip after so long in quarantine; and of course, it has to be in a wonderful destination! If you want to enjoy an incredible trip, the best alternative to staying is together with The Homeboat Company and its charming houseboats.


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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, it is the largest and richest city in the country with a population of 547,773 inhabitants, approximately 26% of the population of Portugal. It is even older than Rome and is located at the mouth of the famous Tejo River

Capital of Portugal, the city of Lisbon has been experiencing remarkable tourist growth in recent years, where it was listed as the best city in Europe under the World Travel Awards in the years 2017 and 2018. For these distinctions, Lisbon is one of the most desired tourist destinations to visit today.

The city of 7 hills has great characteristics that make it an extremely attractive destination. In addition to the previous distinctions, it has its incredible historic and colonial center that remains, even after the 1755 tragedies that almost destroyed it.

Its modern center, the famous Baixa Pombalina, the labyrinthine and steep streets of the Alfama district, the exquisite gastronomic proposals such as the Belém cakes, the friendliness of the local population, the largest shopping centers in Europe, excellent quality beaches just a few kilometers away from the center and, above all, the spectacular view from the viewpoints to the great city of Lisbon as its wonderful Tejo River.

For these incredible reasons, the city of Lisbon is one of the most expected and visited destinations every year in Europe and worldwide, because of this, the demand for a hotel in Lisbon is so great. To guarantee a wonderful experience in this city, a good choice of accommodation is essential, choose the best hotel in Lisbon.

The Homeboat Company boats are one of the best alternatives when it comes to choosing a hotel in Lisbon. Whether for your privacy, as you are surrounded by water around you, or for the incredible view over the marina, or for the pleasure of enjoying the super pleasant climate. The Homeboat Company is for you.

Houseboats have long been popular in North American and European cities such as Sausalito, London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Likewise, this innovative alternative to hospitality is now available in the City of Lisbon. We want to provide you with a different experience if this is not your first time visiting the city or offer you an unparalleled experience if it is your first time to visit the city of the 7 hills.

Benefits of staying in a houseboat

Staying in a Homeboat as a hotel alternative in Lisbon is an incomparable experience due to the following aspects:

Excellent location in Lisbon: Staying in one of our Homeboats provides you a very handy geographical location in Lisbon, where you are close to the most emblematic and touristic places in the city. Just a few kilometers away from the most beautiful beaches, and at the same time, you will be close to the city itself, with easy access to the Historic and Modern Center.

Innovative experience: If you have already visited the City of 7 hills, or even for the first time, you will want it to be unforgettable and unique. And what could make it more unique than being hosted in floating accommodation?

Diversity of services: The Houseboats have a wide range of services that differentiate them from other hotels in Lisbon, thus meeting the needs of different travelers, whether tourists willing to visit the city or tourists willing to relax, enjoy the family time, as well as tourists with business and work commitments.

Ecological: When talking about the environment, The Homeboats are accommodation options that respect the environment by providing life experiences in the water without affecting the soil.

The best views: It has balconies and terraces where you can comfortably enjoy the architecture of the city on one side, and the beauty of the Tejo river on the other.

What is included when staying in one of our Homeboats?

If you choose a Homeboat instead of a convencional hotel, you will have at your disposal several exclusive services that will provide you that unforgettable experience that you are looking for. That is why we will detail the different services available at this innovative “Hotel” in Lisbon:

Shower: You will have at your disposal a shower cabin, to relax in the comfort of your accommodation after your activities in the charming city of Lisbon.

Fully Equipped Kitchen: In this innovative Hotel in Lisbon you will have a full kitchen, which you can easily count on to maintain your special diet or personally control your food, and also save on some expenses when cooking in your accommodation.

Climatization System: At the Homeboats you will not have to worry about the climate of Lisbon, since by having air conditioning and heating you can enjoy the accommodation at the temperature you want.

Bose Sound System: Enjoy first-class surround sound for a pleasant cinema system, as if you were at home.

Free Parking: Despite being a boat, The Homeboats have free parking available unlike many other hotels in Lisbon, which means you don’t have to worry about that and you can also invest that time and money in another aspect of your trip.

Umbrellas and Chairs: The sunny days of Lisbon will not be a problem for you, as your Homeboat is equipped with umbrellas and chairs. So you will definitely have the best spot to relax with the comfort you need.

Incredible Terraces: On top of your Homeboat, you will find an amazing terrace, which could be the best place for you to enjoy one of the most astonishing sunsets in Europe.

Pets: Our company is completely pet friendly, so you don’t have to worry when traveling with your loved one.

Bicycle: Your Homeboat comes together with a bike, for you to explore the city and its beautiful bicycle paths, as well as saving in gas emissions.

WI-FI: Good internet connection is essential nowadays, and with that in mind our Homeboats offer fast internet 24 hours a day. So, for those who need a good connection for work reasons, as well as for those who are always sharing content on social networks, this is the place.

What to do in Lisbon?

As previously mentioned, the city of Lisbon is incomparable, being considered one of the best cities in Europe, and with a strong appeal that makes it one of the most desired tourist places both on the continent and worldwide. However, many tourists do not know how to enjoy the city or what to do. What emblematic places should you visit?

For this reason, we will give you some important tips to maximize your experience here:

The city of Lisbon has an incredible tourist and economic center that will allow you to get to know the city in-depth, however, it is important to clarify that as a unique city, it has two centers: the historic and traditional one, and the modern and innovative as well.  

The historic center of Lisbon is located on the banks of the famous Tagus River. It is actually a traditional center based on the famous Baixa, known as Baixa Pombalina. This area of the city was rebuilt by the Marquis of Pombal after the 17th century tragedies. There you will find the “Rua Augusta”, the main street of Baixa, which starts at the Rossio and Restauradores square and goes to the Arco da Rua Augusta, giving you access to Praça do Comércio and the Tejo River. In this area, you will find the shopping and hospitality area, with small shops such as restaurants, bars, banks, fashion stores, and tourist souvenir shops, where you can enjoy its beautiful architecture and the pavements covered with the famous Portuguese sidewalks.

The modern center of Lisbon is the area where there is the greatest movement of economic and labor activity in the capital of Portugal and is located in the north of Baixa. It exactly represents the concept of a modern and charming European city.

Among the enchants of urbanism in the city, there is the Alfama neighborhood, called the cradle of Lisbon’s fado. Characterized by a set of small sloping and curved streets, and typical houses, that is undoubtedly a pleasure to explore and discover. And a little further east, you will find the Da Ladra fair, a market with all kinds of interesting objects from Portuguese culture, new and used.

Another area that must be visited without fail in Lisbon is Belém. Despite being far from the center, it is one of the most touristic areas, and is just a few kilometers from the mouth of the Tejo River, in the extreme west of Lisbon. In Belém you will be very close to three emblematic monuments that you can easily visit: The Belém Tower, the Padrão dos Descobridores and the Jerónimos Monastery.

In the same way, in Belém you can also visit the modern Centro Cultural de Belém, which shows the culture of the capital of Portugal. It is also the headquarters of the famous pastry factory “Pastel de Belém”, one of the most well-known and interesting gastronomic proposals in Portugal, the figure of Portuguese pastry. Here you can taste the delicious pastéis de Belém surrounded by the beautiful gardens of the Centro Cultural de Belém and surroundings.

Additionally, we can find the Parque das Nações, which represents the most modern version of the city of Lisbon. Where you will find the Oriente Station, the Lisbon Fair, the Vasco da Gama Shopping Center, and the Atlantic Pavilion(where the city’s biggest sporting and cultural events are held). And of course, the Oceanarium which is the most interesting and remarkable attraction for the little ones in the family.

So definitely the best option for you will be to stay with us, combining an amazing location, incredible views and attractions, and a wide range of services that will provide you the best experience in Lisbon.

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