Houseboats are a unique transformation of a simple concept of boats on the water. As their name illustrates, these boats function as an alternate residential paradigm. In many countries across the world, houseboats have been a mainstay for countless decades and even centuries.
Houseboats are boats that were designed and modified to be used primarily as a home. 
Generally speaking, there are two major types of houseboats. The ones that are perpetually harbored and thus are static. These houseboat models resemble flatboats or barges and come equipped with all the necessary conveniences. And the second variance of houseboats who come equipped with not just homely furnishings but also engines to propel them on water. Though these kinds of houseboat models cannot be operated in the high or open oceanic areas, they can be operated quite successfully in minor water bodies. In our houseboats, you will have the chance to move them with you want so. 
In our houseboats you will have the chance of waking up to the sea every morning, the sun’s rays coming in through the window and when you leave your room, you find the Atlantic Ocean. Houseboats are and will always be an attractive idea for anyone who’s ever dreamed of living on the water—literally. 
We are placed in 3 cities: Lisbon, Cagliari, and Albufeira. Our houseboats are popular for their moderate draft and exceptionally wide beam attributes that make these boats perfect for living aboard. Houseboats are also popular boats for coastal, inshore, and offshore boating.