The constant sound of the water hitting the banks and the breeze that you feel in the air is something that is part of our dreams and that we undoubtedly yearn for. One of the basic needs of the human being is to be in contact with nature, to get up and feel surrounded by it, enhancing our senses with its smells, sounds, and textures.

It certainly seems like a very romantic and difficult idea to realize, but the reality is that with each passing day, the possibility of living in a homeboat increases; many companies, like The Homeboat Company, have invested in the construction, sale, and rental of this type of properties, usually located in tourist places, attractive and with incredible landscapes.

Know that, despite being a wonderful experience, on most occasions it requires you to have an adventurous spirit, being passionate about nature, and willing to make the sea your true home. With a homeboat you have the possibility to escape the planned and monotonous life of big cities, large crowds, and everyday landscapes full of buildings and cars, without the need – this is important – to leave aside comfort and good design and architecture.

But the question is, would you be willing to live in a homeboat? In this article, we want to tell you some of the advantages and benefits that this type of house brings and how, without a doubt, they will change your life for the better.

First of all: What is a homeboat?

A homeboat starts with the traditional idea of ​​a boat. Now, the important thing is that this idea of ​​a boat is taken to the limits to transform them, through design and architecture, into habitable spaces that are not necessarily alternative. They are usually built on flatboats on which the house is built and equipped with all the necessary amenities so that you, the owner of this charming place, don’t have to worry anymore and are able to enjoy and live incredible experiences inside it.

However, it is important to bear in mind that when choosing the homeboat that best suits your needs, you can do so taking into account two options: first, you have the floating houses that will be ready for you to live in them constantly. This type of houseboat is static, it has what is necessary for a comfortable and peaceful life. The other option, also highly recommended and fun, are the homeboats that have built-in engines. The latter allows you to browse and enjoy the water in its entirety.

In the case of The Homeboat Company, the homeboats that we have and that are part of our offer, have large spaces with elegant and sophisticated designs, in addition to the great quality of the infrastructures and amenities inside them. Your life in any of our Homeboats will be pleasant and truly comforting.

Having clarified the concept, know some of the benefits of living in a homeboat

The first advantage of all is that you will live more comfortably than anywhere else, there is no doubt about that. Today’s homeboats are equipped with almost everything that can be found in a normal house on the land.

Although space may be smaller, we guarantee that you will have absolutely everything to satisfy your desires and expectations. The homeboats of The Homeboat Company, for example, have fully equipped kitchens, terraces, bedrooms, comfortable and complete bathrooms, heating systems, and space to leave your car in the same Marina.

Do not think that a homeboat is going to be a simple and boring construction, square and colorless, because it is not like that. In addition to having everything mentioned above, our Homeboats have truly charming designs, which make you feel comfortable living in them, giving a touch of style and elegance to the place where they exist.

On the other hand, they are a good option for taking care of the environment. As you may know, we are going through critical moments in relation to changes in environmental conditions and pollution; there are more and more infrastructure and construction projects that do not respect the environmental situations of the places where they are being built and this leads to irreversible damage to mother nature, the consequences of which we will see reflected in our quality of life. homeboats are then a sustainability option that is focused on preserving the soil and using the surface of the water, respecting it through the use of elements and materials that do not cause damage or contamination in the long term. It is a responsible and worthy project.

In addition, the homeboats – those equipped with a motor – give you the possibility to enjoy different environments, something that is not possible with traditional houses. Thus, homeboats are characterized by offering their inhabitants variety in the landscape: water will always bring new things, different experiences that constantly change. Boredom is not something that defines these constructions. Finally, with the homeboats, you have the possibility to move, to travel great distances, to know new places, and the best, without having to pack. Privileged spaces that go with you.

With The Homeboat Company you can add to all the previous benefits the security of having a company that is committed to creating enriching experiences through your homeboat, and in addition, offers you the place of your dreams. This company also offers you complete advice, investment, and income alternatives, so that you have the opportunity to access your homeboat and share it with others. In addition, expenses are fixed: you will know exactly the maintenance and service costs from the start, so you will not have any unnecessary surprises. We offer you a new life in the Mediterranean, surrounded by charming places like Lisbon, Cagliari, or Albufeira, taking care of your environment and well-being.

Do I need to have any specific characteristics to own a homeboat and be able to enjoy it?

This is not a question that can be answered lightly, we admit. Boat houses, like most things, need to be chosen according to particular interests: if you don’t like the sea – although we are sure that if you live in one of our Homeboats you would start to like it – the most coherent decision would not be to live in a homeboat. But, if you consider that you are a person who enjoys nature, who gets excited every time you go to the sea and does not worry about having one or the other luxury, then we cannot deny that homeboats are the right option.

We could also say that they are specially designed for people who want to travel all the time or who like unique experiences and who are totally far from monotony. Is right. It is not just any experience and gives you the possibility to travel a little more than you could with another type of property, but you do not necessarily have to be outgoing and willing to move all the time. The idea is that you get to know the space and find pleasant details feeling at home.

So, don’t worry if you are not sure if you are a person who could live in a homeboat, we are sure you are and will continue to be. The main point is that it gives you the opportunity to find the right options and get to know The Homeboat Company and its destinations, so that you end up convinced.

So, you already know what a homeboat is, the amenities it offers and what are the benefits of calling it home. You also know that The Homeboat Company is completely available to provide you with all the information you need about our Homeboats, the places where they are located and the options we have so that you do not let this dream go down the drain. The next step is in your hands: it’s time to investigate a little, get to know us and make yourself known so that in the blink of an eye, you have a new home, as warm as the sea.