For some people, and this might includes you, these words are totally unknown, but even so, they are probably present in your life.

You are hardly going to be a personal profile that does not fit into any of these cases. Anyone has passed or goes through any of these situations of Nomophobia, fomo, jomo or foji.

All this mystery lies behind all the benefits, facilities, cures, discoveries, independence and knowledge that technology offers. The excess of technology, on the other hand, generates what we call emotional disorder and also negatively affects our behavior.

There is a lot of quiz on the internet about it and to help you discover if you are being your own victim.

What is Nomophobia, Fomo, Jomo and Foji?

We will give a brief explanation of these four new words or diseases:

1 – NOMOPHOBIA: is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone or being unable to use your phone for a reason.

2 – FOMO: fear of missing out. To describe that feeling of anxiety which many people experience when they discover that other people have had fun together, been successful at something, or done just about anything they might have wanted to be involved in.

You certainly know someone who is sofer someday of FOMO. It’s a very common situation between pop stars and people that cares about your popularity.

3 – JOMO: the joy of missing out. Where people are choosing to stay in rather than heading out on a night out with friends. Doing this out of preference rather than social fears.

4 – FOJI: the fear of joining, which is caused by a series of social anxieties, which leads people to stay.

We know this is just simple explanations about how technology affects you. But also are some psychological researches, based on scientific studies and can help you identify symptoms of your doctor or you are having a significant impact in your life.

Most of the quiz questions are about your feelings about your friend’s life. The internal conflict is very common among young people and having time to know yourself is very important. Also giving space and having more space when you are not ok is something you need to learn.

Find the “balance” can be hard, but it’s possible when you are not stuck in old society models.

People, in our opinion, can be divided into two groups and you need to identify in each one you are to have an easier life. You will find everywhere, work, parties, family, friends these two kinds of people.

1 – We can find that we are involved in everything and can be dubbed “we were” because they suffer from a “fear of missing out”.

2 – And we have the “jomos” – the joy of missing out, those who would ideally want to be left to get on with their own particular work, without distraction.

Therefore no one is a right or wrong profile if you are a FOMO, JOMO or a FOJI. The most important thing is being totally at peace with the way that you are and enjoy your time doing exactly what you are doing.

Time alone is a great way to spend time getting to know yourself, and some desire for solicitude is a perfectly healthy and normal thing. But all with limits and just for some moments, because we need at least some social life, of course.

The most important thing is to learn and enjoy simply staying in, and doing what you like to do without worrying about anything or anyone else.

Training to stay some moments without looking at your phone or even use it is healthy and you will slowly learn that the world will not disappear. Find hobbies that you love to do.

Invite a special friend or just someone that you have to have some great time having an overwater experience in Italy or Spain. Turn off your connections for some moments, having more contact with nature and prepare yourself to a new and free daily life in a Homeboat stay.