The Homeboat Company: How to Invest Well to Live Well

Surely you are a dreamer, right? You will also know that one of the most important objectives for any born dreamer is to have a stable future, with economic stability and of course, very good quality of life. That is why not all dreams are fantastic or inspired by fairy tales, on the contrary, many of them are translated and materialized in two simple words: investment and profitability.

Following this path, in order to achieve that expected future, marked by tranquility, especially the economic one, planned investment becomes essential. When you invest with economic awareness, there are many more possibilities to maximize profits than to lose them: profitability appears. But beware! Before thinking about investing, you must define a budget, a savings plan and a clear strategy of why, how and for what your investment is for.

The Homeboat Company is down this road and wants to help you achieve your dream.


What!? To invest? No that’s not for me

What is your reason for not investing? You don’t have the money? You’re a businessman/woman? Stop worrying, to have a safe investment plan, you do not need as much money as you think, you can start by contributing with moderate amounts that vary depending on what you are going to invest in.

Yes, the contribution amounts may be small, but they must be constant, remember that investing is a long-term activity and will start to pay off only with discipline. Plus, by choosing an investment motive that ensures stability, like the one offered by The Homeboat Company, organizing contributions and earnings becomes easier and much, much more enjoyable. So please keep reading, because this is for you.


Feel Confident to choose The Homeboat Company: reasons why it is the best investment option

Comfort and tranquility are true luxuries. A Homeboat gives them and guarantees them in the future. The Homeboat Company is a project that goes beyond being a different experience: first of all, our Homeboats offer the possibility of achieving sustainability without having to set aside the responsibility with the environment. You will enjoy quality time, caring for the land, and earning a very good income.

In addition to this, one of the benefits of The Homeboat Company is that there is no concern about the variation of profitability, on the contrary, you will be able to have full knowledge of what your future profitability will be and you will obtain a fixed monthly return. This is the anchor for finding the success you need.

But, no sir, that’s not all. Being a perfect solution to start walking towards your future, it also gives you the possibility of having an incredible vacation for 15 days a year. You can visit destinations such as Lisbon, Albufeira, and Cagliari. But if you can’t or don’t want to travel, rest assured, you can rent your Homeboat for these days and only worry about enjoying your income.


If there are other investment possibilities, what makes The Homeboat Company shine above all of them?

It’s simple: The Homeboat Company is the embodiment of safety. First of all, investing in our Homeboats offers a much higher rate of return than what you can find, for example, in a different tourist property: you can even achieve a return higher than 17%. On the other hand, the return on investment will not be of 12 or 20 years, it will be a maximum of 5 years on average. This makes your life easier, don’t you think?

It should also be taken into account that the initial investment is comfortable and not unattainable: it is less than what should be given to buy an apartment or a room in a hotel. Do not forget that you will be able to access your Homeboat to enjoy your vacations and you will not have to pay maintenance costs at any time.

Here is the investment comparison for clarity:

how to invest


In case you are still not convinced …

If for some reason, you lack something to decide, here we show you that you don’t have only one option with us. We have the investment unit model, in which you will find the perfect Homeboat for you. Do you want to know what it is?

  • Investment unit: With this model, you can choose between a Homeboat for four people or a larger one, for six or eight people. Our Homeboats have all the comforts, such as a full kitchen, air conditioning and heating, a very good sound system (Bose), and an incredible terrace equipped with an umbrella and chairs.

If you are already thinking of investing, you should know that you can buy one of our Homeboats from 74,900 euros (the smallest). You will also have the possibility of starting to invest with 26,215 euros and with a financing plan of 36 months. Do not doubt, at any time, that this investment will not bring you all the financial and personal benefits you are looking for.

In addition to this, keep in mind that you are investing in a sustainable project. It is not a hotel room, nor an apartment, like what is found on the market. We provide our Homeboats a space for enjoyment, which in turn is designed to protect the environment. We demonstrate our responsibility and commitment by offering the client a unique, comfortable, and calm experience; hand in hand with assuring you that we are also taking care of your environment and your life so that you can continue to enjoy these kinds of projects. It is an investment that will provide the best to the client and the planet.

On the other hand, you should know that this is a safe project. We are especially known for carrying out all our processes in the most transparent way possible. The client can be sure that we will be in constant communication, providing all the information they need so that they continue to decide to stay with The Homeboat Company.

We offer you the possibility of investing in one of the tourist markets with the highest growth rate: Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Europe is the ideal place for good tourism and to invest in it. The opportunities are increasing. There is no loss.



You already know everything about us. You also know that risks are a fundamental factor in achieving that future that you seek so much. The Homeboat Company is the ideal ally for you and your family to continue growing. All you need is to be clear about your goals and get organized so you don’t get lost in the way.

If you already have us in mind and want to invest in a beautiful heritage and in days of tranquility and luxury, please contact us and we will tell you how you can achieve it.