Do you seek peace for your family and your future retirement? Do you want to dedicate yourself more and more to your project of enjoying life with a guaranteed income? Do you want to find a few but good investment options?

Anyway, if your goal is to have a stable and worry-free future, investments should be part of your routine. After all, investing is one of the factors that differentiates people with financial education from those who can not plan their finances.

For this, regardless of your scenario and economic situation, the most important rule is diversification. It is necessary to have a strategy for gains and another to mitigate risks. This is the route that The Homeboat Company recommends.


Is it possible to start investing with little money?

Even before you ask, the answer is yes! It is possible to start investing with little money, especially in Homeboats. Read this article through to the end to understand how and why.

For starters, the first thing you need to do is set your goals. For every investment you make, think exactly what you want to achieve. Whether to compose an emergency reserve, plan a trip, make a certain purchase or even retire. Knowing exactly what you want will help you set the right investment.


Why should I invest in The Homeboat Company?

Once your investment objectives are set, the next step is to choose the options that are best suited to your interests. By choosing to invest in The Homeboat Company, you will know in advance what your future returns will be, something that does not happen with variable income products.

In addition, when acquiring a nautical asset with us you will be applyinginvesting your money in an innovative and responsible business model with the environment. But it does not stop there! The best thing about investing in The Homeboat Company is that you will be able to enjoy your investment while your money works for you.

That’s right! By becoming an investor at The Homeboat Company you receive a high monthly fixed income and still can enjoy 15 days a year without paying anything in any of our Villages spread throughout the Mediterranean.

profitable investment


What are the differences between The Homeboat Company and another investment?

In addition to being able to enjoy your invested capital, the great advantage of investing in The Homeboat Company is the high rate of return versus risk. Investing in the tourism market for Homeboats may provide you more profitability than investing in stocks with much lower volatility.

On the other hand, the minimum profitability offered by The Homeboat Company can reach double the profitability of the rental of tourist apartments, and its initial investment of entrance is much lower. In addition, you are free of maintenance costs and vacancy.

See the comparison below to better understand some investment models:


What is the profitability that The Homeboat Company offers me?

Check our investment models:

Model 1 – Investment Unit

Small Homeboat (3×6.1m) for 3 personas
Investment: € 40,000.00
Monthly income: € 300.00
Annual ROI: 9%

Large Homeboat (3x8m) for 6 personas
Investment: € 50,000.00
Monthly income: € 400,00
Annual ROI: 9,6%

Model 2 – Investment in Village

5 Homeboats (3x8m) for 6 people
Investment: € 240,000.00
Monthly income: € 3,000.00
Annual ROI: 15%

10 Homeboats (3x8m) for 6 people
Investment: € 480,000.00
Monthly income: € 6,500.00fee
Annual ROI: 16.25%

Village installation fee: € 35,000.00


It is safe to invest in The Homeboat Company?

The Homeboat Company is a company that values ​​maximum transparency and accountability with its clients and investors. By investing with us you have the guarantee of being investing in the tourism sector, especially in Italy, Spain and Portugal, countries with the highest rate of tourism growth in Europe.

According to Eurostar, more than 37% of the beds for non-resident tourists in Europe are in Italy and Spain.

Among European residents, more than 62% participate in the tourist market by making one or more annual trips. Among the most searched destinations, the southern countries.

According to UNWTO, the growth rate of tourism in Europe in 2018 was 6% over the previous year, it has been growing at a strong pace and will continue to grow in the coming years.

The search for new tourist experiences, short-term travelers and ecotourism have given more and more place to traditional means.


Invest with us now!

Now that you know more about the benefits of The Homeboat Company and the benefits of investing to build a solid and growing equity, rethink your goals and get in touch with us to get started.

Do not forget that it is very common to be afraid of losing money, but letting it applied in the bank makes you very little income compared to what other options can provide.

You can also finance your boat and still make money. Ask us how!

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