In a time when we see the importance of technology and how it affects our lives positively, it is also very important to have the ability to disconnect. Are you digital and tech intoxicated? We created this post to help discover if your mind needs a break. Check it out!

We know that it is very easy to find anyone online and through digital means, but do you, especially if you are young, know the healthy limit of this connection and when it is already an addiction?

We believe 2019 can be a year of awareness, where more and more young people starts to realize the negative effects of this dependency and need to be online and connected all the time.

Many jobs currently require long periods in front of computers or electronic devices and the amount of information that causes influence in people’s emotions, attitudes and behavior and these are not always positive and can profoundly affect their lives.

The needs that arise is the increasing willingness of people to disconnect from the urban environment, to re-learn to connect with their interior, with nature, with their essence and really disconnect, to detoxify themselves from the digital world for a period to then gain more energy to get back to your daily life.

Here’s a test you can do to know if do you need a detox

When asking the questions below, stay tuned; if the result is positive for three or more questions you are intoxicated. Don’t worry, we will show below what you can and must do.

  1. Do you spend more than two hours a day connected, outside of your working hours, and this time outweighs the time spent on other activities?
  2. Do you check your emails and social media in bed?
  3. Are you requested by the company outside the office?
  4. If you lose your cell phone, do you feel like unable to do anything?
  5. Are you afraid of “losing something” if you are not connected, such as: losing an opportunity, losing a discussion, missing an update?
  6. Do you think the day flies by and it feels like you’re always running and there’s never enough time for you?
  7. At the end of the day are you always irritated, have insomnia and sleep with your cell phone next to bed?
  8. Do you have notifications for your mobile, tablet and apps active?
  9. At lunch time, is the time you have the most time to “enjoy” your cell phone?
  10. Sometimes, do you momentarily forget what you were going to do when you unlock your phone?

Information is now in the palm of your hand and the biggest challenge is to be able to change ingrained habits such as the constant need to be looking at the cell phone, even if that moment is not bringing you pleasure and fulfillment.

Some studies say that this can be a disease called Fomo or Nomophobia. Read more about this here.

But nothing is lost. Studies and recent work from various centers such as Newport Academy, laboratories and psychiatrists from various countries prove that it is possible to train the brain to think differently.

Anyone can learn how to clear your mind to connect to life.

From time to time, everyone needs a digital and technological detox and this should become a habit for a healthier life physically and mentally.

If you do not know where to start, we’ll give you the right place and teach you some steps you’ll never forget.

Below we show you 10 simple tips on how and where you can start a digital detox

  1. Challenge yourself for a change. When we challenge ourselves, we feel a greater need to take the challenge and then get ready to leave your cell phone aside.
  2. Arrange on your schedule a time to go out for that detox rest of a weekend or on a holiday and warn those closest to you that you will be “off” although it will inform you that all is well;
  3. Seek contact with nature, water and sea. This connection is essential and if you prefer, invite people who you feel comfortable with.
  4. Disconnect yourself from people who affect you negatively. Take the time to scratch out these people from your contact list and accept the disconnect with those who are already at another time without blaming yourself for it. Remember that you are doing good to you.
  5. Take these days to eat well, choose light foods, eat calmly and reasonably, and only when you are really hungry.
  6. Choose an exercise or activity you enjoy doing during those days and outdoors. Whether hiking, jogging, running, cycling, yoga, stretching.
  7. Take time to think your finances.
  8. Review some habits such as eating fewer fries, quitting smoking, being less consuming, etc…
  9. Sleep eight hours a night lightly and quietly by the sea.
  10. Reconnect with your natural essence and balance your body, enjoy to get used to your own company.

Now is time for you to start a small change and build up gradually a new and happy lifestyle. Know and stay in the new concept of Homeboat stay and learn how to connect with what is essential: YOU!