If you have not heard of mini travel, you better get ready, because it’s the new trend. On weekends and holidays, these getaways are increasing popularity among current travelers seeking to recharge their energies.

A few years ago taking 15 days or even 1 month of vacation was very common. Today this reality is quite different.

Young people, both students and those entering the job market, already know that long vacations and trips of 10, 15 or more days are not currently negotiable and, moreover, these trips end up costing more than they can actually afford.

With the rapidity of information, abrupt changes in business, jobs where we can be anywhere make the phrase “time flies” very common. This overload of work and responsibilities eventually transformed the way of traveling.

These travelers are migrating to a new style of travel, the short trips or mini trips. These end up coming out more affordable and often if done during the week can have even smaller stays.

Today last minute trips are totally possible through the diversity of online offers and last minute deals that one can find and can be a great option for a small break.

This search for mini breaks shows an estimate that 53% of global travelers are planning in 2019 to make breaks, escape on weekends and holidays of the year.

“The world has grown small” and going from one place to another, being flexible to be anywhere is almost obligatory and adapting daily schedules and the need for the market to be “always available” can lead to emotional losses, mental and even physical in the long run.

But how can we relax when we can not even get a “reasonable” period a year away from work?

We have some special tips for you to enjoy your free time.

  • Try to fit a work trip on a rest trip near where you will be working.
  • Flights of 2-3 hours duration and nearest destinations are good opportunities.
  • Taking advantage of destinations that manage to spend a night and two days end up being more economical and can sleep in the back on the plane.
  • Think of the route as for example Tokyo to Singapore, Europe to Cape Town, USA to Rio de Janeiro or just something simple and short like Spain to Italy or Italy to Spain.
  • See destinations that you gain time with the difference of the spindle less and that you can gain a day.
  • For sleeping choose places that are economical and in strategic locations with contact with water and nature that give you a much more relaxing and invigorating night.

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