We know that you like to visit different places and live new experiences, and what is better than doing it with those you love the most? Are you decided to get to know and experience Lisbon? The city of the 7 hills, living the experience of staying in a hotel on the water, without worries! In addition to disconnecting from the world for a few days and sharing good times with your family and friends, now The Homeboat Company gives you the possibility to share this experience with your pet – a completely different and innovative accommodation. Your own boat.

Did you have to cancel meetings with friends or family because you couldn’t take your pet? Now you can bring it with you for all kinds of plans you have on your social agenda. Nowadays most families have a pet and, therefore, thousands of destinations, places and activities have come together to create pet-friendly spaces, in addition to providing a peaceful experience for them, it also adds something to you and your tranquility.

We know the inconvenience and the concern that it is to travel without your pet, and worse, having to cancel your dream trips for not finding alternatives that give you the possibility to enjoy, with all the tranquility of a stay with your Pet. Look no further, The Homeboat Company is Pet Friendly and will be able to provide you with this experience; nothing better than having a vacation near the water, having peace of mind and control over all details.

Put your worries aside. Now, even on vacation, you can be with your pet and give him the opportunity to live this experience with you, where our team will be attentive to all your needs.

A hotel on the water

A Homeboat is the best alternative for an unforgettable and different holiday. In addition to living the experience of sleeping and waking up on the sea, you can enjoy total privacy, for yourself and your family, friends and pet. With all the comforts of a hotel: bathroom, equipped kitchen, sound system, wifi, bicycles and even an incredible terrace with umbrellas and chairs. Your Homeboat thus becomes a very pleasant place to take some sun and spend unforgettable times for everyone. In addition, you will have the best view of all the tourist sites you want to visit.

Discover the city of Lisbon with your pet. Cataloged as the best city in Europe by the World Travel Awards in 2017 and 2018; the capital of Portugal, will allow a complete colonial immersion, thanks to its historic center, the famous Baixa Pombalina, the streets of Alfama, the largest shopping centers in Europe and its extensive gastronomic proposal.

We know that going to certain bars, restaurants and different tourist places with your pet, can seem complicated; However, more and more residents decide to open their doors to pets and Portugal, one of the most visited countries in recent years, is no exception. Full of places with terraces, parks and open spaces; Lisbon and Albufeira are the perfect destinations to share with your pet, providing unique and unforgettable experiences, perfect for generating memories with your furry friend.

How to travel with your pet?

Although it is not easy to travel with your pet, it is also not impossible! Now that we welcome pets, we will also give you some basic tips to make your stay as peaceful and joyful as possible.

  • It does not matter if your trip is by sea, land or air, it is advisable to always carry the photocopy or license of your shaggy friend’s vaccines, some places like restaurants and tourist places can be quite demanding.
  • Consider the weather conditions of the place you visit, although we have services such as air conditioning and heating in our boats, nobody knows your pet better than you do, so you can travel prepared with a cardigan or blanket to make the space more warm and pleasant for your 4-legged friend.
  • Do not forget the collar and leash, although you do not have to use it inside the boat, it will be useful when you want to disembark, whether to go for a walk or change the atmosphere for a while.
  • While always with you, changing the environment can make them a little nervous, so don’t forget your favorite toy, bed, blankets and personal care products to make you calmer, despite your change of environment.
  • If your pet is very nervous, you may want to consider talking to your veterinarian to prescribe some type of medicine or relaxation technique.
  • Remember, although it is a journey, it will be a new experience for both of you. However, try not to change mealtimes, playtime and daily walks. This way you can have a much more pleasant stay.

We are pleased to welcome you in this new experience, welcome on board!