If you’re planning a trip through the Portuguese Douro Vinhateiro, you should undoubtedly know that it is one of those places where discovering its captivating corners becomes an extraordinary adventure.

The Douro Valley is a dreamy wine-producing setting where you can appreciate the beautiful fertile terraces that give life to the grapes used to make the spectacular Port wine; yes, the same wine that makes our gatherings with friends truly special. It’s no wonder that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

And right in the heart of the Douro, we find the charming village of Pinhao, one of those places with such pure beauty that it can enamor us without remedy.

If you want more reasons to come and discover it, enjoying pleasant moments amidst wine and harmonious landscapes, stay tuned to this post, and we’ll tell you what to see in Pinhao.

Where is Pinhao located?

It is one of the most symbolic and beautiful areas in the Douro region, located in northern Portugal. Pinhao is a freguesia (civil parish) belonging to the municipality of Alijó, in the district of Vila Real, nestled on the right bank of the Douro River.

Its surrounding landscapes are of peculiar beauty, surrounded by mostly natural and lush surroundings. The Douro River flows alongside, and above it, vertical terraces paint the views with a festival of interchanging tones, ranging from reds, ochres, browns, oranges, and yellows—absolutely fascinating!

In addition to the natural beauty, the region is dotted with stately homes, manor houses, estates, and countless romantic viewpoints and monasteries that attest to the richness that Port wine has bestowed upon this noble region.

What places to visit in Pinhao, the heart of the Douro?

There is no shortage of captivating experiences in every inch you explore in Pinhao. The river peacefully advances towards its mouth at the port of Oporto, while boats sail leisurely through the various landscapes.

Parallel to the river’s course, you can observe the train of the Linha do Douro moving silently along the railway, providing travelers with a high-definition panoramic view. If you pair this scene with a sweet and generous glass of wine and good company, you’ll have in your hands the true meaning of happiness.

Wine Tasting in the Best Wineries and Vineyards of the Douro

It’s practically a sin to visit the spectacular Douro Vinhateiro and not indulge in a wine tasting at one of its best wineries, scattered throughout the region. While touring Pinhao, you can visit Quinta do Bomfim, one of the most representative wineries owned by the Symington family. This company stands out thanks to its numerous vineyards spread across the region, where they produce the most famous selection of Port wines such as Dow’s and Graham’s, as well as reds and whites under the Douro designation of origin.

The tour lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes, during which the winemaker explains the history and birth of the winery, including the details of the winemaking process. You can admire the ancient cellar, the barrel room, and a terrace with privileged views that will leave you speechless. The tour concludes with a wine tasting to delight your senses.

Tour through the Douro Valley

There are various essential plans you must undertake during your visit to the Douro Valley. The first one is a boat ride, which you can also experience on a replica of the “rabelos” (old boats used to transport barrels from the vineyards to Oporto). It’s a bewitching route where you can appreciate the landscapes adorned with spectacular vineyards.

Another option we particularly recommend is to climb up to the village and reach the viewpoint of Casal de Loivos, one of the most privileged balconies that will allow you to contemplate the best panoramic and photogenic views of Pinhao, as well as the mouth of the river and a large part of the wine-producing landscape.

In general, there are various viewpoints such as São Salvador do Mundo and Vargelas (São João da Pesqueira), São Leonardo de Galafura (Régua), and the one at the Côa Museum in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, among others, all of which offer stunning perspectives.

Additionally, you can have another magnificent perspective through an exciting train journey on the Linha do Douro, which connects the stations of Pocinho and Oporto, offering a permanent panoramic view of the wine-producing scenarios from start to finish—an unforgettable experience!

For hiking enthusiasts, you can take the route of the “trilho de São Cristóvão do Douro,” which connects the village of Provesende with Pinhao, covering a 5-kilometer path through the vineyards, gradually revealing the most interesting views as you gain altitude.

Experience Gastronomy

The exuberant gastronomic culture that Portugal and the Douro Valley offer is undeniable.

Being a tourist region, the Douro Valley has an interesting mix of highly exclusive restaurants with avant-garde cuisine, aligned with the tastes of the Douro Vinhateiro. Therefore, you can’t miss the succulent roasted kid, homemade jams, the “torta de borrachão” (a traditional cake), and the indispensable platters with cold cuts, cheeses, and fresh fruit accompanied by a glass of fine Port wine.

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